Products Brief

Unleash your true potential with trendy round neck t-shirts, exclusively designed for your fashion needs. This product features a precise, boxier cut round neckline, which makes you stand out from others.

Striking Product Features

  • An eye-catching product at an attractive price
  • Premium design and easy to wear tri-blend fabric
  • Custom t-shirt printing and design for brand promotion
  • Collarless shirt design with taped shoulders and neck
  • A blend of high quality and affordability

Sizes (Availability dependent on stock)

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL

Product Material

  • Stock Round Neck T-Shirt: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester Fabric
  • Custom Round Neck T-Shirt: 100% Cotton on-demand

Product Weight

  • 180 GSM, with a 5% variation in the fabric

We have a stock of Polo t shirts and 16 different colors are available in this regard for printing purpose. Following is the detail for guidance.

This is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester fabric (as per requirement we provide 100% cotton PC also). The weightage of fabric is 260 gsm which varies up to 5%. Shirts are. also available in small order quantities. We have sizes i.e. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The fabric of shirt is soothing and relax able.

We have a stock of sweat shirts and different colors are available in this regard for printing purpose. It is full sleeve shirt and is of fleece fabric which keeps the body warm in winter.

We have a stock of hoodies with several colors. We are producing Custom kangaroo, Zippers and other kinds of hoodies. You can get it printed on your own choice i.e. your name, school, college, university, hotels and any other type of organization.

There is golden opportunity to up lift your business and marketing of business by getting printing on track suits. You can get customized printed logos designs. Style color and fabric of your own choice. This is special offer for gyms, sports complexes, playing courts and yoga centers.

We are providing the caps in different styles and stuffs. We can provide the printing services of different kinds on caps for example Embroidery, screen, heat transfer and embossing or any other kind of printing on the demand of client. You can get printing of your name on the caps as per your favorite design.

We are providing sports kits with printing. The weight-age of fabric is 170 grams and it is of polyester fabric. It is basically a white fabric we than full sublimate it and then stitch it. You can get the printing of your own choice on the fabric i.e.  Player name, Team Logos, Sponsor logos etc.

We are providing services of printing on tote bags as per customized designs. There are different quality tote bags of various sizes, colors, designs and fabric.

Backpack or Shoulder Bags are manufactured by us. Here the customers are provided chance to get the backpack of their own desired style, design, color, size and material.

Non –woven bags of any color, design will be manufactured and printed as per customer demands.

If you are looking for long lasting and economic envelops the fabric envelop is the choice with no alternate. These are useful for shops, schools colleges etc. as per customer demands.

As we are Muslim so we have to offer prayers in any place for this purpose to facilitate the public we are preparing the jai Namaz with logos and customized stuff color and style. Special discounts are offered for HAJJ AND UMRAH.

The above mentioned uniform in complete will be printed and manufactured of any design style stuff color and demand of public.

Ladies shalwar kameez, pant, shirts shall be provided as per customer demands in any design, style, stuff and color.

For workshop laborers, mechanics, gardeners, technicians and other staff uniform shall be provided as per customer demands in respect of color, design, logos, stuff and style.

We have stock of vests and also the customized vests can be provided as per demand of customers.

Different styles, colors, design, stuff and material for chef dresses i.e. coat, pant, shirts, caps and apron as per customer demand shall be provided.

Different styles, colors, design, stuff and material for waiter dresses i.e.  coat, pant, shirts, ties and boas as per customer demand shall be provided.

The aprons are manufactured and printed as per demand of customers in regard of color design and stuff.

There are different types of towels in different stuffs, colors, designs and styles as per customer demand are available. There is only embroidery and heat transfer printing on towels. Only bulk quantity should be printed.

The Lab Coat are manufactured and printed as per demand of customers in regard of color design and stuff.

The bed sheets in bulk quantity for hospitals, hotels and different organizations are prepared and designed as per demand of customers.

In our office The Flags, banners, picturized shirts and other material which is used in Elections by different Political parties can be printed as per demand.

For the sake of promotion of any organization FLAGS play a vital role. So keeping in view that point we are providing customized flags as per demand in respect of color logo stuff and style for different organizations to uplift their good will.

Today is the world of campaigns for appraisal of business. We are here to help the organizations through printing of banners of customized design, logo, style and color.

We are here to provide woven and embroidered tags/labels particularly for tailor’s boutiques and famous brands as per the client’s demands.

According to medical science the metal is harmful for skin so keeping in view we are offering to prepare school badges on cloth which will prove long lasting and attractive.